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Office Vacancies Reach High Point in DFW

On Friday, the Dallas Business Journal wrote an article which showed that the Dallas Fort Worth office market has reached the highest vacancy rate seen in decades. They quoted a CBRE study which claims the vacancy rate at the end of 2020 was 23.4%. This was a result...

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Evidence of Softening Rents

We’re now nearly 9 months into the COVID recession and I’m amazed at how many landlords continue to quote the same rental rate they were before this started. We received several proposals for an office client recently and many didn’t come off their quoted rate at all....

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Sublease Update

It’s no surprise that some companies are considering eliminating their offices in favor of a work-from-home strategy. If nothing else, the COVID crisis has proven that the technology exists for people to work from home. The jury is still out on whether they want to or...

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Sublease Listing in Richardson

  ***Update:  Sublease is off the market.*** Our client recently relocated their offices (and combined several) and now need to sublease their Richardson office space.  Kindly take a look at our flyer here and enjoy a 360 degree virtual tour as well.  This...

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Open Office Dead??

Is the open office dead?  Or just evolving?  One of our favorite interior design firms wrote a short article showing how an open office can easily meet a 6-foot separation for employees.  They also discuss other issues to help create a healthier office environment. ...

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