REATA Culture...

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”


Peter Drucker, Legendary Management Consultant and Author

Meet Our Broker

Bob Gibbons

Real Estate Advisor & Tenant Advocate | Tenant Representative

Conflicts of Interest Evangelist | Podcaster | Founder

Since starting his career in early 1984, Bob has been involved in all aspects of the commercial real estate business and held positions such as property manager, leasing agent, broker, construction manager, development project manager, and asset manager. He is a licensed Texas real estate broker, member of numerous trade associations and holds a BBA in Finance from UT Arlington and an MBA from the University of Dallas.


38 years in commercial real estate


20 years as a landlord


18 years as a tenant rep exclusively


Experience in major U.S. markets , including Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Amarillo, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, Northern Virgnia, & Denver


Leased 6 million SF of property - $500M in value


Plano Planning & Zoning Commission - 5 years


Past board member My Possibilities


Past board member BOMA & IREM


Member of Alliance of Tenant Representatives


Former Radio Show host of The Next Level Show


If you’re considering an opportunity to join our team, you should know that our operating model and our culture will richly reward you if you are positive, tenacious, outgoing and a high performer. REATA is growing and many more people will have an opportunity to grow and be rewarded also. If you dream about what you can become with the right opportunity, dream big, dream with us, and let’s do something amazing.”

Bob Gibbons, Broker

Our Company

REATA Commercial Realty is a boutique, corporate real estate advisory firm that has been in business since 2004. After working for landlords for 20 years, we “switched sides” to work exclusively for the users of office and warehouse properties. Today, we offer a unique and powerful package of knowledge and expertise to represent companies and non-profits that lease or buy commercial properties.

At REATA, we manage the entire process of searching for space for our client’s needs. We evaluate alternatives and negotiate the deal with the landlord or seller. We help coordinate the attorneys, architects, general contractors, title companies, inspectors and others required to make our client’s transaction happen smoothly and with minimal time and effort on their part.

Our Culture

While we believe strategy is important, culture is even more so.  That is why we work so hard to provide the very best environment for our team. 

Everyone is important and everyone has a seat at the table.  Building consensus is important to us – so everyone needs to have buy-in on the plans and direction of the brokerage.

We provide everything necessary to make sure our agents have what they need to be successful because if they succeed, we all succeed.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are woven into the fabric of our culture; they are not just words on paper.
Our Core Values guide us in the way we accomplish our mission and serve our clients.

Clients First

Fiduciary, honest, ethical, fair.

We place the needs of our clients first and above all else. We work continuously to understand their needs and strive to deliver every situation to their satisfaction. We take responsibility to ensure their success and this commitment sets the priorities and the direction of our work and actions.



Whatever a client needs, whenever they need it.

We are deeply committed to identifying our clients’ needs and requirements. We partner with our clients to deeply understand what their needs are and how best to address them. This commitment enables us to provide comprehensive solutions, support, and services to our clients – whenever they need it.


Dedicated solely to office and warehouse users.

Because we are exclusively focused on the unique office and warehouse needs of our clients, we have developed knowledge, expertise, and capabilities to meet their requirements and exceed expectations. This enables us to always focus on the best interests of our clients.

Knowledge & Education

Always learning, sharing, and applying.

We are passionate about continuous learning and seek to constantly innovate and improve our understanding and capabilities. We learn every day from our challenges, our successes, and our clients. We are compelled by our Clients First commitment to also share this knowledge and education with our clients to empower them to make better decisions.

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