Boutique, Corporate Real Estate Advisory

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help small and midsized businesses level the playing field when it comes to Commercial Real Estate decisions and transactions.

We advocate for the client exclusively applying our 20 years of landlord experience.

Our Company

Decades of Experience in Tenant Advocacy

REATA Commercial Realty is a boutique, corporate real estate advisory firm that has been in business since 2004. After working for landlords for 20 years, we “switched sides” to work exclusively for the users of office and warehouse properties. Today, we offer a unique and powerful package of knowledge and expertise to represent companies and non-profits that lease or buy commercial properties. At REATA, we manage the entire process of searching for space for our clients’ needs. We evaluate alternatives and negotiate the deal with the landlord or seller. We help coordinate the attorneys, architects, general contractors, title companies, inspectors and others required to make our clients’ transaction happen smoothly and with minimal time and effort on their part. Today, we exclusively represent tenants.

Our Vision

Our Vision drives us every day to create shared value and win-win relationships. We are working toward a 200% growth goal with a 90% client retention target. We will accomplish these objectives by leveraging a niche focus on the DFW metroplex and working exclusively as tenant representatives with companies already leasing commercial space.

We powerfully differentiate ourselves from the few other exclusive tenant advocacy organizations by:


  • Leveraging a landlord viewpoint in the way we see our clients’ issues and advocate for them
  • Offering at no cost, LeaseTrac™ which delivers support through the entire term of clients’ leases
  • Leveraging 33+ years experience in the Commercial Real Estate space on both sides
  • Focusing on owner-managed firms where we can create strong connection and synergy

Our Future

Since REATA’s inception, we have consistently delivered value advocating for our clients through complex site search and lease negotiation efforts.

Because of the events of 2020 and 2021, businesses today face critical challenges regarding their operating model, office vs. virtual workforce structures, lease commitments, future strategy, and planning, etc. 

As businesses address these challenges head-on, never before have our Tenant Advocacy Services been more valuable to assist decision-makers in navigating the challenges, obstacles, risks, and opportunities.

We are deeply committed to meeting this challenge and look forward to new relationships and opportunities that emerge from the recent changes in our business climate.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are woven into the fabric of our culture; they are not just words on paper.
Our Core Values guide us in the way we accomplish our mission and serve our clients.

Clients First

Fiduciary, honest, ethical, fair.

We place the needs of our clients first and above all else. We work continuously to understand their needs and strive to deliver every situation to their satisfaction. We take responsibility to ensure their success and this commitment sets the priorities and the direction of our work and actions.



Whatever a client needs, whenever they need it.

We are deeply committed to identifying our clients’ needs and requirements. We partner with our clients to deeply understand what their needs are and how best to address them. This commitment enables us to provide comprehensive solutions, support, and services to our clients – whenever they need it.


Dedicated solely to office and warehouse users.

Because we are exclusively focused on the unique office and warehouse needs of our clients, we have developed knowledge, expertise, and capabilities to meet their requirements and exceed expectations. This enables us to always focus on the best interests of our clients.

Knowledge & Education

Always learning, sharing, and applying.

We are passionate about continuous learning and seek to constantly innovate and improve our understanding and capabilities. We learn every day from our challenges, our successes, and our clients. We are compelled by our Clients First commitment to also share this knowledge and education with our clients to empower them to make better decisions.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We are committed to an inclusive work environment, offering performance-based rewards and creating a culture of excellence for everyone.

We consider the differences in perspective and the contributions of our team members to be both a competitive advantage and critical to our success. Like the clients we serve, we are the collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, points of view, innovation, self-expression, capabilities and talent our team members bring to our culture and our organization.

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture for all our team members; because, through diversity and inclusion, we can better serve our clients while empowering our team members to fully realize their potential. Inclusion is a foundational value, because we believe inclusion is a fundamental component of any world-class organization.

Proud Member of

Alliance of Tenant Representative