You cannot turn on the TV or check any of your social media feeds without reading about Kobe Bryant and his untimely, very sad, fatal helicopter accident.  The fact his daughter and others were with him makes it just that much worse.  The void this accident has created in many, many lives cannot be measured.  Prayers and thoughts go out to all involved.


That said, how many of us, as business owners, are prepared for a situation such as this?  My brother (Jan here) lost his key employee last year to a massive heart attack – she had worked with him for 37 years.  Read that number again, THIRTY-SEVEN!  To say she was irreplaceable is an understatement.  Did my brother replace her, no, but he did fill her position.  He was able to find a very capable, competent employee and for that he was most grateful.  How long did that take?  Months….


While you can’t provide for every eventuality, it behooves business owners and those in charge of filling positions to be prepared for when the worst occurs.  Cross training is important as is continuing to interview new possible employees, independent contractors, etc., even when your positions are all currently filled. We have clients who are advertising and interviewing all the time.


Remaining agile as an employer is key for surviving what the world can throw our way.  Loss is never easy, personally or professionally, but can be managed with careful forethought.


Bob Gibbons is a Real Estate Advisor & Tenant Advocate (also known as a tenant rep) with REATA Commercial Realty, Inc. which is a tenant advisory firm based in Plano, Texas. Bob serves companies in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Addison, Dallas, and the surrounding areas and specializes in companies that lease or buy office and warehouse properties.